Photography & Art

I trust I got a gift in my life, knowing how to see the world differently.

I cannot speak out loud with words or numbers, but I truly can through images, photos, drawing and everything about Visual Art!


Here's my story

Hi there, I’m Alice.

I’m a photographer and mixed media artist.

Since I was very young, I felt secure surrounded by my world of artistic self-expression, this has always been my connection with the real world.

I attended Art School in Italy and never quit documenting my days and painting since then. As a teenager I discovered the language of photography and I fell in love with this media: the power of freezing a moment of life otherwise gone forever and transforming it into an eternal memory is priceless.

Our time on earth is limited, our relationships are alive, vivid and present and we might not realise it right now but creating memories with who we love the most is one of the most important responsibilities we have in life.

Each story is unique and special, so is mine and yours.
Photographs are documents of presence, a certificate of life.

I believe I am here to share my calling with the world : capturing real and raw memories through photography and delivering a unique piece of art.

I will be your MEMORIES MAKER and we will MAKE ART TOGETHER.

I feel so lucky and honoured that visual art has found me, my job is sacred. I love to inspire people’s lives.

My belief

The most important things in life are our time and our relationships. Too often we forget the real moments of connection that form us through life.

My passion

I will help you capture the everyday magical moments, to grasp them spontaneously with photographs that hold your memories in place forever.

My mission

My goal is to connect your reality with your inner soul, telling your story.

my photos